Facebook Sign Up

Do you want to log into your Facebook account?

How do I log into my Facebook account?

Be sure that no one else is logged in on your PC.
Someone else is logged in?
Click at the top right of your Facebook homepage.
Select Log Out.
Go to the top of www.facebook.com.
Enter one of your currently listed Emails on your Facebook account.
Or log in with Username.
Or do you have a mobile number confirmed on your account?
Enter it instead of your Username (skip the zeros before the country code and any symbols)
Enter your password.
Click Login in.

Don’t have a Facebook account?

Difference bettween logging in and sign up

Sign Up

You don’t have a Facebook account
… you can sign up
… Sign up for a new account, enter

your name, birthday, gender and email address into the form on www.facebook.com
… pick a


Log In

You already have a Facebook account
… Log into your account from the same page
… enter your

email address and password at the top of the page
… click Log In.

I want to find my Friends

How do I find friends on Facebook?

Type their names or email addresses in the search bar. Learn more about adding

friends. Import your contacts You can import your list of contacts from other places

(ex: your email account, your phone) and we’ll find your friends for you. After Facebook imports

your contacts, you’ll have the option to send a friend request to any of your friends that already

have a Facebook account or send an invitation to friends who aren’t on Facebook. Learn more

about importing your contacts. Invite friends individually You can also invite your

friends individually from the Invite Your Friends page. Enter the email addresses of anyone you

want to invite and add a personal message (optional). Note: When you invite friends to join

Facebook, we’ll save a list of those contacts so you can see who you invited and send reminders.

You can always manage your list of contacts and control the invitations and reminders those

friends receive. More info Get help for mobile apps and browsers Last edited about a

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